My first ever blog post

So, this is my first blog post and my introduction to blogging via the DH23Things skills development programme by Helen Webster at CRASSH, University of Cambridge. When I say this is my first blog, I should perhaps confess that just last week I launched my first wordpress site – but only with the help of a couple of web designers and content provided by academic partners and scholars. I think it’s fair to say that while I’m familiar with the technology, finding something to say that’s worth blogging about presents the bigger challenge.

The first hurdle to overcome was to find a name for the blog site which reinforced without even searching Technorati how many blogs and bloggers there already are out there. WordPress promised I’d be blogging in minutes, but 24 hours later I still hadn’t found a blog name I was happy with. I settled in the end on ‘another rambler’ because both ‘the rambler’ and ‘just another rambler’ were taken. Whether I have something new to say that makes it worth me adding my voice to all the other online bloggers and ramblers I don’t yet know. I hope the DH23Things programme will help me to find out.

I’m taking a rather different angle to this programme as I’m not an early career researcher. I’m actually doing communications at CRASSH. Digital comms is a central part of my role and I hope this course will help me to explore new tools and, more pertinently, their application in academia, as well as unearth some of the content produced online by early career researchers at Cambridge.

For now my audience is – I hope – fellow DH23ers but as this is a public forum I’m aware that I have to find an appropriate tone and appropriate content to share here. For me, blogging might help me engage different audiences and find content I’m interested in. I don’t currently read many blogs aside from Athene Donald’s, so I’m sure there are lots of interesting ones out here.

I anticipate that once the training is complete this blog will become more like a static online cv with regular updates on my interests (books I’m reading, concerts I’m playing in), but for now I’m open to suggestions…

2 thoughts on “My first ever blog post

  1. setting up a blog might be a good opportunity to reflect on your employability skills – what expertise do you offer, and who might find it useful? At the moment, as you say, the audience is largely DH23Things participants but beyond that, who might you aim a future blog at, and what might they find interesting, that you could offer a perspective on from your expertise? It depends on where you see your career going! If its the area of communications within HE research, then you have an insight into how to pitch and express research ‘stories’ and the routes through which to do so – researchers might well learn from you on this!

  2. I’ve just read your ‘First ever Blog Post’ and found it reassuring. Thank you. I have only just caught up with ‘Thing One’ which has been on my ‘to do things’ for a week. With no previous blogging experience, I was out of my depth. Good to know there are a few ‘beginners’ working on this!

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